Ernesto Diringuer CEO, CTO, Founder, Director

Ernesto is an entrepreneur with leadership experience in North America, South America, and Europe. With a diverse background in business, software development, and nutraceuticals, he brings a unique perspective to the life sciences industry.

In 2017, Ernesto founded MYCB1, a company with a mission to upgrade healthcare and lifestyle decisions by making them data-driven and personalized. Through MYCB1, he gained expertise in various fields, including cybersecurity, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmacy, compliance, clinical research, and real-world evidence.

Now, Ernesto is at the forefront of developing MYCB1 + ALETTA AI, an innovative healthcare platform that aims to assist people in making informed decisions about their health and lifestyle choices. In its latest version 3.0, the platform will provide personalized insights that are supported by healthcare professionals and powered by advanced technologies like machine learning and a robust language model. This enables users to have a highly customized and private experience.

With an exceptional advisory board and a team of creative and knowledgeable experts, MYCB1 continues to strive towards its mission of making healthcare and lifestyle decisions data-driven and personalized, with the final goal of saving lives, reducing healthcare cost, and optimizing outcomes.

LinkedIn: Ernesto Diringuer