Albrecht Binder, Managing Director Germany, Director


Albrecht is a qualified pharmacist with specializations in nutrition, preventative medicine and geriatrics and has a MA in complementary medicine from the University of Frankfurt (Oder).

He is driven by his passion for continuous development and the evolution in the industry, and has spent over 30 years at the forefront of his field. In the 1980’s, Albrecht began to build his own community pharmacy and he also co-founded the health technology company SANITAS in 1995, which is an innovative firm in the field of dietary supplements.

As part of an advanced training of pharmaceutical colleagues, he was active in quality management and nutrition education and served as a speaker for the chambers of pharmacists across northern Germany.

In 2017, he founded a board of trustees for the Foundation of the Economy of the Common Good for North Rhine-Westphalia (Stiftung Gemeinwohl- Ökonomie NRW) – of which he remains a member of this board to this day.

Albrecht brings his wealth of business and professional expertise to his position as Head of Pharmacy and Non-Executive Director of MYCB1 Group B.V.

LinkedIn: Albrecht Binder