Ruud Huisman, Chief Financial Officer


Based on a solid financial and accountancy background, Ruud developed himself into an experienced professional manager in the international business environment, including Chemicals, Pharma, Telco, Internet, Logistics and Media business. He has a strong financial background, a unique ability to transform strategy to efficient and fast execution, complemented with deep knowledge of the businesses he is active in and a leadership style based on building successful, loyal teams of experts.

In the 9 years he worked for AkzoNobel, he completed a number of global projects for AkzoNobel and in the subsequent 3 years working for Fedex as global transition lead he successfully completed a global outsourcing program. As CFO he was responsible for the IPO of World Online International and as senior vice president, he was responsible for the Prospectus of Organon BioSciences.

His specific areas of interest are Risk Management and Compliance.

Since 2006 he is a member of the Advisory Board of Arbor media BV.

LinkedIn: Ruud Huisman