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Ilias Lystridis Chatzis, Chief Security Officer

Ilias holds an Associate (AAS) degree in Military Applied Sciences from the NCO Military School located in Greece and soon he will be graduating from the Safety & Security Management program of the Hague University of Applied Sciences which is situated in the Netherlands. He has two primary specializations with the first to be in Cybersecurity Governance and the second in Applied Intelligence respectively.

Ilias has 10 years of experience in various safety & security management functions including among others intelligence analysis, risk management, operational security. He has served approximately for 7 years in the Greek Armed Forces where he was honourably discharged as a Master Sergeant. Additionally, in the past three years, Ilias has been involved in various entrepreneurial activities, and has cooperated with a plethora of other international corporations such as Unilever, Steropis GTA, Tovek and PSE.

At MYCB1, Ilias ensures the company's ongoing ISO27001/NEN7510 certification and is responsible for managing the proprietary Information Security Management System (ISMS). His security background allows him to represent MYCB1 at various security organizations including among other the Hague Security Delta (HSD), the premier Dutch security cluster that bundles cybersecurity knowledge and expertise from many distinguished partners in security, as well as Global Epic, the worldwide platform for connecting global cybersecurity ecosystems for local economic growth.